Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will my waste containers be cleaned?

Your bins will be cleaned outside your house or premises on one of our specialist vehicles.

Should you require a “One Off” clean we will book you into our schedule and try and get to you as soon as is possible.

Should you subscribe to a repeat clean package your bin will be cleaned in line with the day its emptied. You will be issued with a cleaning calendar which keeps you informed as to your cleaning schedule.

What advantages are there to having my Wheelie Bin cleaned?

Having your waste containers cleaned will reduce bacterial build up that causes bad smells and also decrease the risk of pest infestation around your home or premises. Cleaning will also remove any waste stuck to your bin taking it back to its tare (original) weight which will save you money once waste companies start to use “Pay by Weight” refuse collection system.

How do I pay?

You can contact our office and speak to one of our customer care staff and they will tell you about our easy payment options.

Or alternatively you can:

Click on the Payment tab where you will find out about all our different payment methods been cash, cheque, online banking or via our website through Paypal.



What if  I call to get bin cleaned how soon will the cleaning start?

Cheshire Cleansing will make every effort to clean your bin that day provided it is emptied and we are in your area, we aim to clean as soon as possible. You will be scheduled onto the next available round for your area.

Waste collector returns my bin to a designated place because I’m elderly or disabled?

If this is the case simply let us know and we will return it to the designated place.

How often should i get my refuse bins cleaned?

We clean the normal waste bin on a 4 weekly basis on the day the bin is emptied.

If I am not happy with the bin clean, what happens?

Cheshire Cleansing offer a 100% Guarantee on our bin cleaning services, so if you are not happy, we will come back and re-clean your bin for FREE!

Why choose Cheshire Cleansing over other bin cleaning companies?

We are a local family run company and believe in total customer care and actively inform our customers of days and times we will be in their area to clean their bins.  We also use government approved equipment, and our service is 100% legally licensed and we have full Public Liability Insurance.

All waste-water and dirt from within the bin is contained within the mobile cleaning units and discharged under license only at points approved by the local authorities and water companies in accordance with guidelines set out by The Environment Agency.